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Oliver Fuchs MaanaQi Marketing & Sales

Oliver Fuchs

Erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Experte im Bereich Immobilien.

Mit Erfahrungen von Grafikdesign bis zur Immobilienbranche bringt er Vielseitigkeit ins Team. Sein Interesse an „MaanaQi AAA Water“ und sein Engagement für die Verbreitung dieses Produkts sind überzeugend.

Meine Geschichte

Oliver Fuchs, a Visionary Entrepreneur and Real Estate Expert, and former CEO of Austria Sotheby's International Realty in Vienna & Salzburg, was born in Austria in 1970 and raised in Upper Bavaria. His career journey has been both impressive and diverse, showcasing his talents across various industries.

After formal education, Oliver honed his precise and creative skills in his father's print shop, working as a Repro and Graphic Layout Technician. His passion for golf led to rapid success, becoming a Scratch Golfer within just five years. As an independent PGA Teaching Professional at the Golf & Country Club Gut Altentann, he made significant contributions to the promotion and development of the sport.

Subsequently, Oliver founded "Joly Golf Tours," a company specializing in organizing golf trips and publishing high-quality golf publications. His extensive travels to the most beautiful golf destinations worldwide, documented through captivating photographs, were featured in renowned magazines and coffee-table books.

Success in online sports betting and online casinos marked the next chapter in Oliver's career, where he served as the Marketing and Sales Manager at He played a pivotal role in the substantial revenue growth of the company.

Transitioning into the real estate industry, Oliver became a highly regarded real estate agent. In 2010, he obtained his real estate brokerage license in Austria and the European Union. In 2016, he founded Austria Sotheby's International Realty as the managing partner and franchisee of the Realogy Corporation, marketing high-end lifestyle properties nationally and internationally.

Oliver Fuchs, as a versatile entrepreneur, recognized the social responsibility of bridging gaps and facilitating the acquisition of rare assets, such as Old Masters and sought-after Modern Art, for museums worldwide under his Fürstenweg GmbH label in the luxury real estate market. With the founding of the Fürstenweg Doha Foundation, he established a significant link to decision-makers in the royal households of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, making strides into the world of Arabian luxury.

A fortuitous encounter with Rainer Eberherr and his "Miracle Water" - the SCARCE ASSET No. 1 worldwide - inspired Oliver to share this remarkable discovery with the world.

Oliver is a loving father of three boys (born in 1997, 2000, 2008) and a proud grandfather of "Luis James Oliver," born in 2020.


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

+49 (0) 175 456

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