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Juergen Pfister MaanaQi CEO

Jürgen Pfister

Erfahrener Unternehmer und Experte für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Management. Seine Laufbahn erstreckt sich über verschiedene Branchen, darunter Banken, Versicherungen und Fertigung. Sein unternehmerischer Geist und Engagement für Nachhaltigkeit bereichern das Team.

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Meine Geschichte

Jürgen Pfister is a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in business informatics and management. Born in 1967, Jürgen is married and has four children. With over 30 years of comprehensive experience, he has successfully navigated diverse industries, including banking/insurance, financial services, manufacturing, tourism, and the circular economy. Jürgen has held various roles, ranging from IT expert and solution architect to project and change manager. Additionally, he has served in executive positions as a managing director and board member.

Throughout his career, Jürgen has collaborated with renowned companies and organizations, such as Commerzbank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Munich Re, UniCredit, DZ Bank, German state banks, Deutsche Börse/Clearstream, ERSTE GROUP AG, Audi, BMW, MAN, OSRAM, WR Wertstoffbörse Recycling GmbH & Co. KG, Weig Gruppe, and SERVICE-REISEN CH GmbH.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Jürgen is driven by motivation, innovation, and a wealth of experience. He is recognized as a doer, bridge builder, and change-maker who always keeps an eye on the future. His mission is to leave a better world for his four children and humanity as a whole. Jürgen aims to create value, take responsibility for ecology and the environment, promote social cohesion, and remain efficient and economical.

Key highlights of his professional journey include:

- From 1998 to 2013, Jürgen founded and led the IT consulting firm "HighQIT for the financial industry GmbH." In 2013, he sold HighQIT to icubic AG, a provider of electronic trading systems.

- In 2011, he founded Q2factory GmbH, an SAP solution provider for the manufacturing industry, which operates successfully with approximately 50 employees.

- From 2013 to 2018, Jürgen served as a board member and COO of icubic AG and was the managing director of HighQIT.

- In 2017, he co-founded a startup for the development and operation of a chemical separation process for recycling composite plastic packaging.

- In 2020, Jürgen worked as a Director and Interim Manager at cofinpro AG in Frankfurt, specializing in Management Consulting/Digital Transformation.

- From 2020 to 2021, he served as an interim manager for Customer Engagement at Tata Consulting Services GmbH.

- Since December 2021, Jürgen is the founder and managing director of JPMC GmbH, Jürgen Pfister Management & Consulting (, supporting various companies in strategic matters.

- Since June 2021, he holds the position of Interim CTO/CEO at WR Wertstoffbörse Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (

- Since August 2022, he is a Senior Consultant & Project Manager at the SRG-Gruppe D/CH (

Since mid-2023, Jürgen has been a part of the management team of MaanaQi, combining innovation and sustainability for the benefit of humans and animals. Jürgen Pfister is not only known for his impressive professional experience but also for his strong values and principles that shape his approach to every task. He consistently operates like an entrepreneur, emphasizing structure and professional methodology. His focus is on measurable value potential, clear objectives, and a motivated and qualified team.


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

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