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Rainer Eberherr MaanaQi Co-Founder

Rainer Eberherr

Visionärer Pionier im Bereich Bioenergetik. Seine innovativen Technologien beeinflussen das Gesundheitswesen, die Sportindustrie und die Spiritualität. Seine Mission, gesundes Wasser für alle zugänglich zu machen, beschreibt seinen inspirierenden Charakter.

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Meine Geschichte

Rainer Eberherr: A Visionary Pioneer of Bioenergetic Medicine and Co-Inventor of "The Guardian for Crystal Clear Water"

Rainer Eberherr stands as a luminary in the healthcare domain, celebrated for his groundbreaking innovation, "The Guardian for Crystal Clear Water" (GCCW 1010). With a career spanning decades, Eberherr is a trailblazer in bioenergetic medicine and holistic healthcare.

Since 1995, Eberherr has delved into advanced acupuncture diagnostics, notably the "Prognos" system, with applications even in aerospace. Having conducted over 160,000 measurement series, he possesses unparalleled expertise in acupuncture diagnostics.

Eberherr's visionary company, Sanamedis, collaborates with highly qualified partners to develop innovative therapy systems and concepts. These systems enable early detection and treatment, preventing the progression into chronic illnesses and playing a vital role in health prophylaxis. Integrated into holistic medicine, they transform the healthcare landscape.

Rainer Eberherr's holistic approach blends traditional healing wisdom with cutting-edge technology. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and advanced software control, these systems seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, introducing novel diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies that benefit healthcare providers and patients alike.

Beyond healthcare, Eberherr has provided bioenergetic and medical-technical support to notable football figures, including Neymar, Luiz Gustavo, Naby Keita, Marco Verratti, Firminho, Ousmane Dembele, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mario Götze, Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Raul, Matthias Jaissle, and Julian Nagelsmann. His impact spans prestigious football clubs and extends to clients like the German Fieldhockey National Team, Austrian Skiing Association, Netherland Ice Skating Team under Leen Pfrommer, and Formula 3 teams.

Eberherr's expertise is evidenced by an extensive list of achievements, research papers, and testimonials, transcending the role of a healer to become a messenger and harbinger of transformation in knowledge, spirit, and evolution.

Driven by innate gifts, boundless courage, and a resolute commitment to making knowledge, spirituality, and evolution accessible to all, Rainer Eberherr continues his unwavering mission. In his Teisendorf practice, he dedicates one day per week to his "regular clients," offering pre-treatment frequency measurement and frequency therapy—a unique privilege.


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

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